Connections Matter

We have 3 major connections that matter most to us here. 

First, and most important, is your connection to YOU. Brain to body, body to brain. That’s how you function and we help you function at your best. Chiropractic adjustments optimize how your brain and body work together so you can better heal and coordinate with ease.

Second, OUR connection. Because your needs and goals matter to us, we focus on connecting and getting to know you so that we can help you to be your best in all areas of your life that matter the most to you

Thirdly, connection to OUR WORLD. That is our community, as well as our environment, which is why we are always involved in charities as well being mindful of our environment in our office choices.

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Chiropractor Reviews

“Dr.Pip is an incredible person and so professional in her Chiropractic work. When you walk into an adjustment with Dr.Pip, you are not just a number, you are family.  During adjustments I have laughed, and cried in both emotion and pain without judgement. I always feel better after and always leave with a smile on my face. Thank you Dr. Pip! “


Over the past 10+ years, my weekly adjustments with Dr. Pip have proved themselves to improve my physical & mental health. My symptoms have decreased, and best of all I feel energized, capable, and able to take on my busy life with a smile!

Dr. Pip’s generosity with her knowledge, time, and energy really makes all the difference. She truly cares about the well-being of each of her patients, and is genuinely invested in them experiencing their best life


Our entire family sees Dr Pip. From day 1 she convinced a non-believer of the value of chiropractic. She helps us feel more complete and connected to our bodies. We all notice that we can move more freely and breath more deeply. She is kind and patient with our young children who love to see her. She makes adjustments fun for them and explains what she is doing in language that they understand. Her philosophy of listening and trusting our bodies has helped me have more confidence in my own instincts. She really cares about our health and entire well-being. She listens to all of my concerns and always responds positively to my needs in a practical, insightful, and helpful way. I always feel that she wants us to have the gift of health and overall wellness. We all enjoy our time with Dr Pip and always walk away feeling more comfortable and confident. Thank you for all of the awesome care!!

Julie (family of 5)

I have trusted Dr. Pip with my care for 15 years and with my daughter since she was 2 days old. She has the perfect balance of firm adjustments and gentle touch. Pip is in tune with all the elements that go into health. An adjustment always helps with the support of the spine as well as the emotional and physical stress of everyday. Because of Pip’s care I am confident that my daughter is on the right track to overall health.

Danna (family of 2)

Why do you like being adjusted?
“I like Pip. I feel healthier.”

K (age 3)

“Dr Pip has taken care of me and my family for the over 10 years. Dr Pip has been part of my health care team through 2 pregnancies and before I had children with my active lifestyle. I know when my family comes for an adjustment that she is going to re balance our physical bodies but also check in with our emotional health. This is important for me and for my children to experience and understand the connection. Each of us have receives so many benefits from our regular care with Dr Pip. My kids love coming to get adjusted as they know it feels good in their bodies and they are learning it is part of regular health care in our family.
Dr Pip is not only a Chiropractor, she is a caring, committed and fully invested partner in the health of my family!”

Lorrie (family of 4)