Chiropractic Care & Techniques

Chiropractic care has long been used for pain. It’s much much more than that and research is now showing that it’s the impact on brain function that changes both symptoms and function for people with the chiropractic adjustment. This video will help explain even more.


Dr. Pip uses several techniques for chiropractic care. The traditional manual adjustment where you hear the sound of the adjustment is a favourite for many people, and utilizes motion to influence the nervous system. She also uses instruments like the activator (sometimes referred to as the “clicker” by patients) to make the change more subtly when people prefer it or their case requires it. Dr. Pip will also use what’s called a “drop table” and is the cause of the bang sound when you are in the office. She also uses a technique called SOT (Sacro Occipital Technique) which is a gentle tonal technique she weaves into most adjustments which uses a lot of cranial (head) work as well as gentle slower adjustments to foster change. In short, Dr. Pip works with you to find the technique that has the greatest change and you feel the most comfortable with.

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