You might ask why make your own when there are so many readily available? Well, for one its fun to make difference scents etc. For another – price and packaging!! Once you buy your supplies you have foaming soap for months for  a fraction of the cost and WAY less plastic to toss. That’s a win-win. Plus I love doTerra Essential Oils, so its fun to mix and match. We use them at home and at the office and change it up for different seasons! (Its also a great project to involve kids – just a little chemistry!)

You’ll need:

  • Castile Soap
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Essential Oil of your choice (we chose Citrus Bloom for summer, and used On Guard in the winter this year).
  • Water
  • Foaming Hand Soap Pump (Walmart and many other stores sell Foaming Hand soap pumps)

Simply fill the bottle with 1/5-1/4 of Castile Soap. Add a few drops of Jojoba Oil, simply to nourish your hands, add 20-30 drops of your chosen Essential Oil (you can always add more if you prefer more scent!), then fill with water, slowly so it doesn’t foam up on you. Give it a little shake and you are all set. I tend to give it a little shake when I see it settling too.

TA DAAA! You are a frugal, enviro-savvy oily DIY master!